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My name is Jerry Lober, I have been licensed since 1981 for safe Investments, Life, Health, and Medicare.  What sets me apart from other brokers and agents is that I am licensed with over 40 of the top companies. This means I have no financial reason to steer you into any particular company or plan, other than to help you save money on premium and out of pocket costs. I look forward to being of service to you and your family at no cost to you.


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We All Want It!

​​​​​​​The Lober Group LLC,​  Is A Insurance & Safe Investment Brokerage Firm.

We Teach You How You Can Lower The Money You Currently Spend 

For All Your Current Insurance Products, And Use The Savings To Create

A Guaranteed Lifetime Income And More.   ​​

 original Medicare is similar to having a major medical plan.

you pay an initial deductible and co-pay. ( 20% )

it consists of 2 parts:  hospital, part "a" and doctor, part "b".

*note: all plan choices will pay the bills, but at different costs.

All The Ads You See On TV About Medicare Supplements, Are Private Insurance Companies Paying The 20% Medicare Doesn't Cover.  Every Company That Sells Supplements Cover The Exact Same Things, Only Their Monthly Premiums Are Different. 

The  Average Annual Premium For Supplement & Drug Plan

at age 65 is $2,000.00

 Medicare Has A Prescription Drug Plan With Many Choices

Depending On Your Drug Needs.
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 The Newer Medicare Advantage Plans Can Be An HMO, PPO, PFFS, SNP or MSA and May Include

Drugs And Many Other Services Not Covered By medicare. These Plans Usually Have A Lower Premium Cost But Have Co-Pays and Deductibles With A Maximum Yearly Out-Of Pocket Cost  And Many Other Features Not Found In Supplement Plans Like Vision, Hearing Aids, Prescriptions, Annual Check-ups, ETC.
Some plans require you to only see doctors in plan except in an emergency. 

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 Since I am Licensed With All Plans, I Am  Here To Assist You With The
Plus And Minus Financial Effects Of Your Plan Choice.

I Earn A Fee From The Company You Choose  When I Enroll You In The Plan You select.

There Is Never A Charge To You For My Services 

Ask me how to only pay $40 monthly for hospital & doctor services

Call Jerry @ 443-506-6755  For One On One Consultation