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Life Settlements in Maryland

My name is Jerry Lober
I am a certified estate advisor and a licensed insurance broker
In the State of Maryland

There is a little known program for seniors over 69, who are having financial problems making ends meet or just don't need the coverage anymore.

Many seniors have dropped their coverage because they did not know there was a way to sell their life insurance policy for cash.

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Life Settlements in Maryland

  • Discount Insurance Brokers Since 1985
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  • If You Are Over Age 65 and Have A Current Life Insurance Policy, And Either Can’t Afford The Premium Or Don’t Need The Coverage Anymore, You May Qualify For A Life Settlement.

What is Life Settlement?

  • A life settlement is nothing more than the selling of your current Life Insurance Policy to a investor who becomes the owner of the policy and pays the annual premium.


There Is Also A Program Similar For People Of Any Age Who Has a Terminal Illness, It’s Called A Viatical Settlement.

There are only few brokerage that provide these services, and our job is negotiating with them to get you the best price.

If You Are Interested In Either Program

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