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did you know that A Business Owner can legally double their

401-k contribution and defer the conversion tax for life?

my name is

Jerome j. lober,  c.e.a.

i am partnered with a well established professional group of highly trained Tax & ERSIA attorneys, certified financial planners and third party administrator's, that can offer a legal way of accessing your money from a qualified retirement plan and reposition to a tax-free growth position. ( click on lawyers Picture )

they use a combination of tax codes, investments and insurance products to transform a standard 401-k plan to significantly greater tax-deferred contribution plan.  they don't do any type of accounting services, only this one thing for over 20 years.

when you hire our team we will minimize the taxes on the back end, leaving greater assets for wealth transfer, philanthropy and income.  we are more than happy to work with your current c.p.a. or advisor.

this concept may be hard to believe but it is true. for more details and to set up a conference call 443-506-6755 to learn more about how to greatly benefit your business.