additional savings for you

*a key man life insurance policy from 15 to 30 year contract where you get

all your premium back after the term is over, tax free.

*Lower rates for business liability, workman's comp etc.

*how to legally double your 401-k contribution. click here

for a no obligation quote on any type of insurance,

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one concept that is doing wonders is to switch your high fee, up and down

stock market investments and fiducuary responsibilty with 401-k's

for your employees, to a no fee, no loss investment 401-k.

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business Owners are the financial backbone of the country

as you know, your profits are dictated by your costs of doing business.

that's why in 1985 I started this company to find the companies with the best value, to help you reduce taxes, increase your profit margin and keep your employees happy.

for your employees we have a supplemental insurance plan simular to AFLAC,

that will return all the premium to them after end of contract.

we do all this for you at no additional costs, competitive rates, wellness benefits and increased employee satisfaction & retention.

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