for everyone else we can help you build your ideal plan

* up to a 10% bonus when opening account
* double the initial deposit for long term care needs 

* Free withdraws up to 10% after 1st year

* No income tax due during growth

* No loss to earnings due to market ups and down's

(you keep what you earn). 

*a simple form allows you to receive a lifetime income.

 * starter annuity you can open with as little as $100

and make monthly deposits.

( Ideal for beginner, or to fund a medical savings account to

cover future out-of -pocket medical costs)


inflation is your enemy

we offer several safe choices for c.d. holders to get higher returns.

                                2.85% for 2 years.    3.05% for 3 years     3.20% for 4 years

Are You Interested In Growing Your Money Safely ?

don't be too greedy

The Lober Group 

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Types of annuities


We Charge You No Fee's

there are many ways to invest your money wisely.  annuity's provide far greater returns than bank c.d.'s or other saving options like stock market investments,  especially when used in a 401-k.

watch these 2 short videos that many in the industry don't want you to know.